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It's a Whole Lot More Than Just

Pressure Washing or House Wash

...and NO Bleach

Customer Testimonal

Vinyl ReNew will restore faded Vinyl or Aluminum siding to look almost new. Restore the color and luster of your faded vinyl siding in a few hours while saving hundreds of dollars over replacing faded vinyl siding. Winston-Salem, Lewisville, Yadkinville, Clemmons, oak ridge, summerfield, kernersville,

Restore Vinyl or

Aluminum Siding


Window Shutters


Garage Doors

$ave Thousands Over Painting or Replacing Siding or Shutters

The average builder's grade replacement vinyl siding is over $4 per square foot installed. We can Deep-Clean & SCRUB

(by hand) your siding for ONLY $0.89 Cents

a sq. ft. and ReNew the COLOR and PROTECT you vinyl siding for as little as $0.49 Cents sq. ft. Composite or vinyl Window Shutters, for as little as $45.00 ea. 

There Are 3 Parts to Our Propitiatory

Vinyl-Sidng ReNewal System

1st, Vinyl ReNew ( step one FOAM ) We use a manufacturer's recommended vinyl siding cleaning technique where we house wash using deep-cleaning FOAM...not power-washing. Thick Eco-friendly suds clings to the wall and with time begins to melt away the dirt, black mold, green algae, and fungus. Be ready for a traffic-jam as cars slow down to see your house covered with what looks like snow. This is House Washing that is both effective and safe.

2ndly, Vinyl ReNew ( step two SCRUB CLEAN ) We SCRUB it -- the ONLY way to remove the chalky oxidation and mold spores. Mom always told me to use "elbow grease" to get the best cleaning power. This is where vinyl siding cleaning meets the science of industrial cleaning, using the alliteration, Time - Temperature - Turbulence. 

3rdly, ReVinylize (step three SEAL AND PROTECT ) an OPTIONAL, but very EFFECTIVE choice, that will $ave you money year after year. ReVinylize - protects with an antimicrobial sealer that lasts up to 10 years. This ReStores the color, protects from fungus, promotes easy home-owner cleaning with a garden hose (the dirt just slides off), and conditions the vinyl so it doesn't become brittle and deteriorates.  

...and all of this without dangerous pressure-washing!   

NOTE: Pressure washing may clean off mold and algae, but it will NEVER REMOVE mold spores or the chalky oxidation that causes fading. That can ONLY be removed by scrubbing. Pressure-washing may also force water behind the vinyl creating mold and rot -- dangerous to your family and expensive to remedy.

Vinyl or Aluminum Siding and Shutters do more than simply get dirty -- they oxidize, fade, become brittle and lose color. Soap, degreasers, cleaners, bleach or other surfactants used by house cleaners and pressure washers will NOT ReStore Vinyl Siding or Window Shutters. ...however our Vinyl ReNew or Shutter ReNew can! In addition the antimicrobial properties resist the growth of mold, mildew and fungus.



ReMarkable -- It is Finally Affordable

Siding & Shutters

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    Damage Due to Pressure Washing

The Other Alternative:

Dangerous Pressure Washing

Vinyl Siding manufacturers recommend scrubbing & rinsing vinyl siding. Pressure-Washing as well as

painting can VOID the warranty.

Power-Washing will NEVER remove mold spores or chalky oxidation.

We go "several steps" further.

1st, we FOAM the vinyl.

2nd, we SCRUB it.

3rd which is an Option -

we ReVinylize it

- sealing & protecting

it with an antimicrobial sealer.

(See Below)


Vinyl ReNew


- it looks like Snow

- More cleaning POWER because

it clings to the wall

STEP Two -

Vinyl ReNew


Unlike pressure-washers, we take the time to scrub away the dirt, black mold, green algae, and oxidation. Pressure-Washing often forces moisture behind the vinyl, leading to mold, rot and

expensive replacement of the vinyl, wrap, plywood backer boards and insulation.

Nothing's wrong with elbow grease!

STEP Three -



Painting Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Renu brings back the color and luster of vinyl siding, while its UV and mold/mildew blocking technology keeps it beautiful for up to 10 years! You can't say that about paint. Apply right over ...

          Ingenuity is a Lady

This amazing system was developed and invented by a resourceful house wife that tried some of her chemist husband's left-over products. He was a chemist serving fortune 500 corporations with innovative science driven solutions -- but had little time to work on their house to prepare for a move. She was the genius that tried the products on their shutters. IT WORKED! ...and they sold the house!

(Oh, by the way, that's their little girl in the video

at the top, that's their daughter -- I think she takes after her Mom -- but she really loves her Dad

-- can't you tell)

One thing for sure, the Mrs wanted her invention to be water-based, low VOC, clear, family safe, environmentally friendly... and it had to not only ReStore, but protect as well...for a long, long time.

ReStore the Color -- YES

Resist Mold, Algae or Mildew? --

Yes, Yes, Yes,

Vinyl and Shutter ReNew will help resist the growth of mold, mildew or algae on vinyl siding, aluminum siding, metal siding, metal roofing, patio furniture and many more surfaces.

Old Faded Vinyl Garage Door

Vinyl ReNew Garage Door

Clean & ReStore the Color on

Vinyl Siding

Did You Know That Bushes Actually Hide Your

Vinyl Siding from UV

Fading and Oxidation?

NOTE: Bushes cut back or removed

reveal a contrast OR shadow between exposed Vinyl and shaded Vinyl.

Look Familiar?

UV and Moisture Degrade

Outdoor Vinyl & Shutters

As vinyl siding and shutters are exposed to moisture and UV light they begin to break down. This process is called oxidation. The material that holds the pigments (including titanium dioxide) begins to microscopically degrade. In some siding or shutters the pigments may also begin to degrade. These reactions produce fading.

Most people will clean their vinyl siding or clean their shutters every year or two to remove the chalky appearance. The siding looks clean but much of the color is lost. Many people will notice that when their siding gets wet, it looks richer in color. That is because water gives the illusion that the color has been restored.

Microscopic Cracks Disappear

Restoring and Cleaning Vinyl and Aluminum Siding or Shutters

Our professional grade cleaner is not a degreaser, bleach or surfactant (soap) as often used by pressure washing companies. It is designed to clean the vinyl siding and clean the shutters of the oxidation, mold, mildew, algae, bug spray, etc. This prepares the surface for a complete Vinyl ReNew and Shutter ReNew. Both products use a proprietary reaction process to restore the surface color. This restoration is done on a microscopic level. Neither product contain pigments or colorants to achieve this step. Our ReNew products penetrate those microscopic cracks and restore the level surface so that the color is restored. In addition, both products contain the latest high-end technology to protect the surface from UV rays and most biological growth for years.

MORE THAN A HOUSE WASH: Almost any metal surface exposed to the weather can be restored....

Storage Units


ReStore is Less Expensive than Painting

(WSFC School Board -- are you listening?)



Vinyl siding and shutters were never meant to be painted and if painted 

will begin to flake, peel or fade in

less than 3 years. Painting voids the vinyl-siding warranty.

What do Vinyl Siding

Manufacturers Say

About Dis-colorization &

Environmental Damage?

Vinyl or aluminum siding, despite what the manufacturers want you to think,

is NOT maintenance FREE. You can't just

put vinyl or aluminum siding on your house

and forget it. Consider this disclaimer put

out by CertainTeed, a leading

manufacturer of vinyl siding.

"...vinyl siding is not warranted against

discoloration or other damage caused by

air pollution (including but not limited to

metallic oxides or metallic particles),

mold, mildew, exposure to harmful chemicals

or normal weathering resulting from

exposure to the elements. Normal weathering

is defined as exposure to sunlight and

extremes of weather and atmosphere which

will cause any colored surface to

gradually fade, chalk, or accumulate dirt

or stains. The severity of any condition

depends on the geographical location

of the building, the cleanliness of the

air in the area, and many other influences

over which CertainTeed has no control. "


Compare the Costs - Feel the $avings

(Our House Wash Options are the Systems in GREEN)

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