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Embarrassed by your


kitchen & bath CABINETS,


Don't Replace -- Don't Reface

ReNew... ReColor... ReStore... ReFinish...

ReMarkable --

It's Finally Affordable


  1. BEST Practices... BEST Products... BETTER Prices....
  2. Excellence = Systems & Standards
  3. "Made in USA" Certified
  4. FREE Dust Containment System
  5. Sustainability - Eco-Friendly - Safe
  6. Craftsman = Trained Artist
  7. FREE Quote
  8. We REWARD your referral -- pay for your project.

"Our Mission -- is to provide you with the most

ReMarkable service experience -- ever!

The ONLY Flooring Contractor

in Winston-Salem to be

Certified by both

Basic Coatings and Bona.

"Sand & Finish" Trained Craftsman

by the National Wood Flooring Association.


President of China boycotts

local Winston-Salem company.

Claims All-Things-Wood, Inc "steals Chinese jobs"

by using ONLY finishes "Made In the USA".


Long lasting Durability, Low-VOC, Lead-Free, GREEN, Non-toxic, Low Odor,

Industry Warranty, Non-Flammable or Explosive, "Made In USA, enhanced UV Protection,

Non-yellowing, Scratch and chemical resistant, Dust Containment, compatible with Sandless Technology,

Less Odor and Dry time under 3 hours so you can sleep in your own home that night...


The above are just a few of the REQUIREMENTS for

our preferred Hardwood Floor Finishes. 

After an extensive search and product test, we proudly offer:

Where Great Finishes Start

- 7 Year Warranty -

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Microban Protection
  • Fire Resistant & Durable Water-based

Made from

" Whey Protein" a

renewable resource

- 10 Year Warranty

It is Finally Affordable!

ONLY 99-Cents a sq. ft.

(minimum 500 sq. ft. and corner rounds treated)

Hardwood Floor ReFresh

Perfect for Rental Properties, Real Estate Listings,

before the Holidays cleaning or after the Party restoration.

1-Year Warranty -- See brochure at the bottom.

ReFresh, ReNew, ReStore -- ReMarkable

It is Finally Affordable!!!

Starting at ONLY 99 Cents -

Great for BEFORE or AFTER party clean-up. Prepare for the Holiday Guest with an intense deep cleaning and ReNewal of your hardwood or engineered wood floors.

-- 2 Year Warranty If Second Coat Applied For 30 Cents a Sq. Ft.--


ReFinish, ReColor, ReNew, ReStore .... ReMarkable

REFERRAL PROGRAM: We are so confident that you will like our services that we

reward you up to $100 for qualified referrals. We make it easy by providing you

with business cards -- simply add your contact info on the back (example below)...

pass them out and get your floors, deck or cabinets finished virtually for FREE.

Hardwood Floor Options:

Dust is the most toxic product emitted during the typical wood refinishing / re-sanding process. We promote health, safety, and sustainability by providing a


approach to hardwood floor refinishing -- or an optional

traditional sanding with 95% dust containment. 

  • SANDLESS: We remove the finish, not the wood! Typically, a wood floor can ONLY be sanded and refinished no more than 2 to 3 times before the entire floor must be replaced. Our method extends the life of the wood floor; often with it never having to be replaced in a lifetime. Prices range from $0.99 to $2.50 a sq. ft. Unlike other companies, we Guarantee our finishes: 2-year, 7-year, and 15-year. Click icon below to learn more and review the video below.

How we prepare floors for refinishing with the Bona Recoat System.wmv

This video gives details about how the Bona Recoat system works. The Bona recoat system is a method of abrasion that removes build up of cleaning products and lightly abraids the floor so that a new c...

  • TRADITIONAL SANDING with 95% DUST CONTAINMENT-- aggressive sanding utilizing state-of-the-art dust containment (at no extra charge). Our promise to you, if there is more than 5% dust in your home when we finish -- we'll pay for the Maid!
  • ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORS: Do not be mislead...engineered wood floors CANNOT sanded more than once...and in some cases never. Sandless technology is an intense deep-cleaning of the engineered wood floor, followed by a specialized bonding agent and coats of durable polyurethane floor finish. This is perfect for Engineered Wood Floors!
  • PET URINE REMOVAL: The NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) standard is that hardwood flooring that has been penetrated with Pet or Human Urine or that has Mold must be replaced. We have developed procedures that can remove Mold and draw out the salt, smell & urine stain.

* Urine contamination is not only an odor issue but a staining and a health / contamination issue. A small animal (5 lbs or less) eliminates 2 ounces at a time. 2 spots a day total 11 to 12 gallons per year. Pet urine challenges the wood fiber with a pH imbalance of 5.5 to 7. The urine contains lipids (cholesterol), protein, minor components and highly alkaline ammonia, which produces odor, and further form a salt which harms the wood and produces more odors. The salt is constantly drawing moisture which harms your floor day by day. The moisture and warmth stimulate the growth of bacteria that further breaks down urine into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and more alkaline ammonia. In summary, a urine spot begins a vicious and costly cycle of destroying your hardwood floor, unless replaced or properly treated with our proprietary method.

  • FLOOR REPAIRS: Surgically replacing boards and many other repairs are available to our customers, by our NWFA graduate of the EXPERT SCHOOL in hardwood floor sand and refinishing. In addition our technicians are graduates of the BONA School of Hardwood Floor Refinishing. Our technicians were trained by the best as evident in this video....

Cabinet, Paneling and Door Re-Finishing:

Regrettably, the only option most people use for remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and paneling is to either to paint over the wood, or the costly alternatives to throw-away and replace the entire cabinet, or reface with new doors. Instead, All-Things-Wood repairs water stains and damage, and then refinishes the same wood surface -- with an optional color change. New Counter Tops -- Just Ask!

ALL FLOOR PRODUCTS ARE GREEN: (...and they really work) Low odor, low VOC, no-lead, high durability, quick drying, child-safe and "Made in the USA". Using agro-based (soy) products; we can even remove paint, wax, acrylic, carpet masting, varnish, or stain from your cabinets, furniture, paneling or floors.

Carpet or Tile Covering Your Wood Floors? No problem. Using a SOY based stripper, we can remove carpet & tile mastic / glue without harming the integrity of the wood. This technique, perfect for historical restorations, reveals beautiful natural wood hidden for decades.

All-Things-Wood champions the American homeowner by providing long-lasting durable finishes, eliminating toxins, re-using cabinets, restoring floors, reducing land-fill waste, and saving you CA$H.

CALL NOW 336-245-4072

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. Paramount to that is the confidence of the industry's leading Guarantee -- something no other contractor offers in the Piedmont. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

....What makes us Different from other companies?

"Use your hands -- and you are a novice"

"Use your hands and your mind -- and you are a craftsmen"

"Use your hands, mind and heart -- and you are an ARTISAN"

"Our Mission -- is to provide you with the most

ReMarkable service experience -- ever!

We assure our mission by championing the following 7 values:

Excellence -- Systems -- American Made

Creativity -- Eco-Friendly -- Training

…and most important to the Home-Owner --- 100% SERVICE GUARANTEE

How Did I Build This Business? 

RISK more than others think is safe, CARE more than others think is wise,

DREAM more than others think is practical, EXPECT more than others think is possible

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