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Please fill out the form below to contact us about Gravestone Cleaning from Gravestone Guardians.

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Name or possible names of Deceased as It is on the Tombstone or Marker.

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Name, Address and Phone of Cemetery (as much information as you have)

Directions to help us beter find the grave site?

Which Service Do You Want?

How many people is this grave site for? Is it a double headstone?

What if any physicial damage exists?

Do you understand and agree with the Covenant Understandings listed below?

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Covenant Understandings:

1) We must adhere to each cemetery's regulations. To avoid additional charges, please provide the name of the cemetery,the address, any contact info (as best you can) and details of the location of the grave within the cemetery. We understand that you may not always know the location of the gravesite, but any information is better than none. To avoid confusion, please provide the correct spelling of the loved one's name, date of birth and date of death, or within close proximity of the date to help us locate the grave. Tell us how long approximately the grave has been there and what the stone is made of (granite, marble, sandstone, slate, limestone, etc.) No refunds if a different grave is cleaned due to incorrect or insufficient information provided by the customer. There is also a trip charge of $30 if you direct us a cemetery in error.

2) First visits are usually priced higher because the initial cleaning can take hours if a headstone hasn’t been cleaned for many years. Rates drop for subscription plans that provide regular cleaning.

3) GUARANTEE: Please be realistic, as it may not be possible to clean the monument to an "as new" appearance without damage to the stone. Unless, the stone was previously damaged we offer a Guarantee when the combined "cleaning and sealing" are purchased; that the cleaning will be 80% effective for 1-year or we will provide a 50% REFUND or do the job over again for FREE.

4) As professional conservators, we use only products and processes that are designed for this type of service and we can only be held liable for any misuse of those products. We are not responsible for damage to the monument that would have been the result of normal "wear & tear", an act outside our control, events related to the environment or the condition / associated risk inheritant of the monument. We DO NOT pressure wash, but we will use a $9,000 Soft-Washing low-pressure unit that contains its own water and water-heater if needed.

5) PLANNING IS IMPORTANT: Our goal is to provide the service within fourteen days of payment. Flower deliver is within 3 days of the assigned date. Fees may apply for last minute expedite or delivery requests; or requests 14-days (other than flower delivery) before a holiday. Full payment is made before the service and is non-refundable except as described in #3.

6) A photo will be emailed to you of before and after of the service. Printed photos may be mailed for an additional $5.00 fee.

7) Any Special trip (flower delivery / planting, weeding, snow removal, and similar one service jobs) will be at 22 cents a mile from office ($5 minimum). Bundled services are charged outside of zip code 27104. There is no mileage charge for return visits for the same job in service.

8) Especially large tomb-stones, foot-stones, grave markers, or benches, monuments, signs, vases, plaques, mausoleum, etc. will be priced accordingly.


Lee Brown 4105 Chatham Hill Rd. Winston-Salem, NC 27104

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