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Privacy Fences

Properly maintained fences are stronger and will better resist weather issues including storms and high winds. Moreover, the life expectancy of a fence treated with a penetrating stain increases 60%. Darker stains protect better from UV damage and fading.

ReFinish, ReColor, ReNew, ReStore ...ReMarkable

LONG LASTING FENCE - It is Finally Affordable

Clean and Stain

Protect Your Investment

OPTION; We offer a

deep penetrating

LOG HOME stain for your

fence, in order to insure the

least color loss and

maximum protection.

A clean and stained

privacy fence will

protect your

investment and

increase the life

of the fence by 60%.

Seal It Now or Replace It Later

Staining your privacy fence can be as low as $1.59 a liner foot when new.

Click HERE for More

Info On Protecting

Your Fence.

Yes, it is about money...

How much money can you $ave tomorrow by protecting your

investment today.

Infuse your fence with...

"Parkway Cedar Oil"

Have you ever noticed how the cedar rail fences and cabins along the

Blue Ridge Parkway

never seem to rot away

or experience insect infestation. They have lasted for almost a

century through all

types of weather. Why? The answer is simple

...Cedar Oil

Who Would Not Want That?

15 Years Protection

Seal It Now - or Replace It Later

20+ Years Extended Life Protection for Fences

"In Wood Science the Elimination of Moisture the Elimination of Almost All Wood Issues"

After years of research and testing we are delighted to announce

the release of our proprietary new waterproofing and

wood stabilizing product:


Sentry Seal is a revolutionary, deep penetrating, non-toxic, waterproofing and fire retardant alkali activated silica that will SAFEGUARD and extend the life of your deck or fence by up to 20 years. Stabilizing and densifing the wood retards the deterioration of weathering by blocking moisture; thus reducing water damage, rot, mold, mildew, and other internal wood damage; -- fortifying the wood from the inside out. This technique is also known to reduce insect infestation, cupping, bowing, twisting, warping, & splitting associated with moisture. Sentry Seal leaves a natural look to wood - no film or membrane on the surface, and can then be stained by one of our leading eco-friendly stains.

ReMarkable Warranty:  

We are so confident in the proven technology of SENTRY SEAL that for a one time EXTENDED WARRANTY fee of $59 we will replace any privacy fence board that splits, bends, twists or fails due to moisture for 20 years. The fence must be 4 year old or less for the warranty.


Stone Walls

(...well, at least it looks like stone)

"This fence is so beautiful and so strong, that I installed it at

my own home."

Lee Brown, Visioneer, All-Things-Wood

Watch This Video and You Will Never

Think of Vinyl Fences Again!

SimTek Vs. 90 MPH Fastball

Watch and see how SimTek Fence stands up to a Major League pitcher throwing over 90 mph. Our unique fence product offers extreme durability and allows you to have the beauty of stone without the expen...

- SimTek is made with proprietary Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) blend, reinforced with galvanized steel in every post and every panel.  

  • - Withstands constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph & 130 mph gusts.
  • - Blocks 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26.
  • - Withstands tests at -40° to 140° F.
  • Fade Resistant Contains UV12 inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors. Xeon-Arc chamber tested in an accelerated environment with minimal to no fade.
  • - Easily remove graffiti using a high-powered pressure washer.
  • - SimTek provides exceptional privacy and security for you and your family.
  • -- uses recycled content in their construction.
  • - Never needs painting or staining; nor will it warp, fade or crack.
  • Warranty - lifetime warranty on the Ecostone Plus product.      

Made in the USA

Click Above Image for SimTek PowerPoint

Stained Wood

Privacy Fences

add beauty, strength and integrity

to your home's appearance.

Nothing insures a better "curb appeal" or says "We Care" better that a clean and stained privacy fence.

You will Look at it every Day

Regret or Rejoice - it's your Choice

Stained with TimberOx Green - 4 Year Warranty

Which One Will Need to Be Replaced First?

...and at what cost?

In North Carolina, steel pole

reinforced fences is a must. It is also a

good idea to encase the bottom of the wood planks in cement that has been water-proofed by


Click image above to

request FREE Estimate

Clean, Stain and Protect it

NOW -- or Replace it Later

at 5 Times the Cost.

Fence Warranties:

TimberOx Green - 4 years

Hemp Shield - 6 years

Seal-Once - 10 years

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