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Benefits of

Cleaning, Restoring,

and Protecting

Dirty and Faded

Vinyl Siding with Microbial Sealer

Vinyl Renu

  • Restores Color and Luster of faded Vinyl Siding
  • Prevents Future Fading and Oxidation, lasts up to 10 years!!
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Forms a Clear, Protective Shield that won’t Crack, Peel or Discolor and simply allows dirt to slide off when washed with a garden hose.
  • Helps protect against UV Rays and Acid Rain; and Resists Mold Mildew and Fungus stains for up to 10 years


ReVinylize Is Fast, Easy and

$aves Money as it: 

a). Eliminates the Yearly Cost of


b). Prevents Possible COSTLY Expense of replacing building materials and the vinyl siding due to

Mold / Rot Behind the Vinyl due to Pressure Washing failure.

c). Prevents the Introduction of

Mold / Rot on the Surface that may

Leach thru and cause Medical Problems for your Family.

d). Reduces Landfill Waste by Not

Having to Replace the Vinyl Siding!

NOTE: Pressure washing may clean off mold and algae, but it will NEVER REMOVE chalky

oxidation that causes fading. Oxidation, along with mold spores can ONLY be removed by scrubbing or agitation

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